Do you love Mother Nature AND stylish, comfortable footwear? Then we’ve got the footwear line for you.


Rapisardi by Ron White is a 100% vegan brand committed to sustainability and to cutting out animal products. You no longer have to choose between style and being environmentally friendly!

Ully BootUlly Boot BackUlly boot side

Instead of using petroleum based components and dyes, Rapisardi  uses only vegetable-based components. Instead of chemicals, Rapisardi sticks to renewable, natural materials including cereals, grains, and seeds.

Rapisardi was founded by an Italian designer who had a passion for supporting impoverished women in Italy. She commissioned underprivileged women in Florence to create her beautiful designs. Ron White shares their passion for innovative, stylish footwear, which is why they partnered to create a completely unique collection.

Velda BootJamiee BootJenny boot

If you think that the sustainability of this line will come at the cost of comfort or style, think again!

Rapisardi’s slogan is “Stretch for Life!” Every style customizes to the wearer’s feet for unparalleled comfort.

Here are a few more features that highlight the pleasure of wearing Rapisardi:

  • Technologically advanced waterproofing technology will keep your feet dry.

  • Every pair features breathable and absorbent sock linings with thick, all-natural cotton foam cushioning for exceptional padding and breathability.

  • Ultralight outsoles are used to create a durable, non-slip, water-resistant, and cushioned sole.

Rapisardi proves that environmentally-friendly beautiful fashion is possible!

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