Our underwear plays a role in how we feel about our sexy self. Shapes, lines, high or low rise, tight or loose can flatter our body type and make us feel comfortable with our body. But how does our body feel about it?

Research has shown that whatever style you go with, you must avoid tight underwear for hygienic reasons. Tight underwear can cause numerous disorders and inconveniences, showing that our body reacts to everything non-compatible.
Hanky Panky Thongs

Air Circulation

The most important thing when you choose your underwear is air circulation. The lack of air increases the temperature and the moisture to sensitive areas causing vaginal infections.

Skin Redness

Tight underwear rubbing against your skin is responsible for redness and burns on your skin. Take a lukewarm shower and moisturize the area with a proper cream suggested by your pharmacist or your physician.

Blood Circulation

When you notice red lines on your skin from tight underwear, you have cut off the circulation to the area. Long and daily cutting of your blood circulation can damage tissue. 

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